Colors & Patterns

Ragdoll Colors and Patterns

My Colors and Patterns is a Work In Progress!

Seal Point

Seal Points are the darkest color. Cats are black on all points points of the body ( ears, nose, paws, tail ) with a lighter body coat. They are born white with blue eyes.

Seal Point Ragdoll

Seal Lynx Point

Seal lynx Points are seal points with tabby (lynx) markings throughout the body. They are born white with blue eyes.

seal lynx point ragdoll

Seal Mitted

Seal mitteds are seal points with a white spotting gene, that causes white feet and paws and in show quality cats the chin. They are born white with blue eyes.

seal mitted ragdoll

seal mitted ragdoll

Seal Bicolor

Seal Bicolors are seal on their ears and tail. They are called bicolors because the face and paws will be white ( another color with white). As they mature, there may be darker spots on their back, and show quality bicolors will have a symmetrical inverted V shape on their face. They will have pink noses. They are born white with blue eyes.

seal bicolor ragdoll

Seal Tortie

Seal torties are calicos in a pointed cat. They have a combination of seal and orange. They can come in any pattern, including lynx, mitted or bicolor. The more white they have, the larger the different patches of seal or orange they will have. They are born white with blue eyes.

seal tortie ragdoll

Black Bicolor

black bicolor ragdoll

Black Smoke

black smoke ragdoll

Black Mitted (Tuxedo)

black mitted ragdoll

Blue Mitted

blue mitted ragdoll

Blue Bicolor

blue bicolor ragdoll

blue bicolor ragdoll

blue bicolor ragdoll kitten

Blue Lynx Point

Chocolate Lynx Point

chocolate lynx ragdoll

Silver Chocolate Tabby

silver ragdoll

Chocolate Point

ochocolate ragdoll kittens

Chocolate Mitted

chocolate mitted ragdoll breeder

Chocolate (solid)

chocolate ragdoll kitten

Monkey And Moose

chocolate ragdoll cats

Chocolate Calico Mitted

chocolate calico ragdoll

Cinnamon Point

cinnamon ragdoll

cinnamon ragdoll

Lilac Lynx

Other Color Pattern Combinations

Smoke Tortie Solid

Solid Black

Flame Bicolor

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