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 How much do Ragdolls Cost?

My Kittens Are Accessed independently & Individually priced

All my kittens purchased as pet Ragdoll kittens, and not breeders, will be spayed or neutered prior to being adopted. NO EXCEPTIONS. This should be standard with all legit Ragdoll Breeders as we agree to a Code of Ethics. Please read this Early Spay/Neuter article. If you find yourself talking to another breeder that does not practice early spay or neuter they are likely a Backyard breeder and have no interest in the quality of the kitten’s Life. Or if you have a Vet that does not follow this policy, I suggest you find yourself a Vet that is following up to date practices.

  • For Breeding rights, I normally add double to the Pet Price. Anyone can purchase show quality kittens that have been altered. However, kittens purchased as breeders must have an established cattery registered in CFA or TICA, and be a member of at least one Ragdoll club, such as RFCI and RI, and adhere to their Code of Ethics. Breeder must also practice early spay/neuter.

Under no circumstances will the kitten be allowed to be placed without payment in full.

  • For mailed payments seller prefers money orders. For instant deposit reservations, seller accepts western union or Bank Transfer  (normally reserved for International clients). Visitors that will be picking up kittens, cash is the form of payment on pickup day. A receipt will be provided.
  • Final payment is required at least 2 business day prior to placement date if the kitten is to be shipped.


Deposit Agreement

MY preferred payment is via Square. Please request an invoice for payment sent to your email and you can pay with your creditcard. Paypal also available.