Terms & Condition of Sales


1.  All Sales including deposits are final and non refundable.

2 . Kittens purchased for less than full price do not include any guarantee and are sold as/is.

3.  This cat cannot be sold to a pet store, research laboratory, animal shelter, or any similar facility.

4.  The cat cannot be de-clawed otherwise any and all health guarantees are null and void.

5. Buyer agrees that the cat will not be given the inoculation for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), or any and all health guarantees in this agreement become null and void.

6.  If for any reason Buyer becomes unwilling or unable to keep the Cat and provide the Cat with proper food, shelter, and medical attention, Buyer agrees its the responsibility to rehome the cat. However, you must notify USA Ragdolls you plan to rehome the cat.

7.  If buyer is purchasing the Cat as a show quality cat. Buyer may show the Cat in shows; however, the Seller makes no representations or guarantees.

8.  The cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors unattended and without a safe enclosure with protection from the elements. Such enclosure is not to be used as primary housing for the cat.