Peppermint Blue Mitted-3 Months Old

Jan 20

I purchased a female kitten from you on December 20th. … I just have to tell you that I am so glad I purchased this kitten. She is so wonderful and brings much joy to myself and my 3 little girls. She has proven very therapeutic for all of us since my husband passed away. I don’t go a day without laughing or feeling good due to her. I just LOVE this kitty.
I won’t keep you. I just had to let you know how incredible she was.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks soo much!
Bobbie – Red oak Texas

Sammy Seal Point- 6 Months Old

Jan 10, 2009

The entire Crowder family in Austin hopes you had a great Christmas and we wish you a happy 2009. I’ve attached a picture of our Sammy so you can see how he looks at 6 months. He’s on top of his “throne,” his scratching post. He used to be able to run and jump up on it without incident, but now he’s grown a bit, so when he jumps up on it now it sometime topples over!

He has brought so much joy to our lives! He is such a sweetheart and loves to play. His favorite toys are feathers and mice with tails (the fake ones, of course)! He has a favorite “blankie” that he attacks, and we found a small stuffed kitty at Hallmark that looks just like him so he jumps all over that and then loves on it. His color continues to come in, and I’ll send you a photo in July when he’s a year old so you can see how he has grown.

We are so happy to have him and are taking very good care of him. I don’t see how you can let these Ragdolls go, because they are so adorable.
Lynne, Calvin and Erin

Black Toffee

Black Smoke Mitted- Pictured 4 weeks old

July 9, 2008

Our kitten is doing so beautifully,  bonding with each member of the family,  adored by and adoring the eleven year-old border collie-lab. The indoor-outdoor four year old male cat is falling in love with her (she will be indoor only). She is healthy and clear,  just received second set of inoculations from a great cat only vet.  You named her Black Toffee;  we call her Bouchee (Bou SHAY),  or Boo,  Boo Boo,  the French for a dollop of cream or milk or whipped crema on anything,  meaning a bit of cream is on the lip– her little mark which john loves on her mouth.  We cherish her.  Thank you all so very much. Beth and Family.

Midnight Wispurr Chocolate/Seal Point- 9 months old

March 25, 2008

I have the boys with me now and it is love at first sight. Thank you sooooooo much. Everything worked out perfectly fine at the airport and at home they were eating, drinking and using their toilet within 5 minutes. They just had a nap by my side and now they follow me around wherever I am going and explore my apartment and collect dustbunnies everywhere. Maybe I should call them Swiffer I & II 😉 No, just kidding, I will call them Monty (the mitted one) and Jack (the bicolor one). I will keep you updated on their development and send some pictures.

Till then, have the perfect vacations.
Claudia. -Switzerland

Hi Ryan and Happy New Year to you!

Midnight Wispurr is doing just great. He is such a joy and he makes my heart “smile” a lot. Everyone who has seen this little kitten thinks he is absolutely the cutest kitten ever (and I have to agree). 🙂

He has made up with everyone (except Casper my white cat). She’s sort of a grouch but I hope she mellows with age.

Wispurr’s personality is perfect. He is very social when I have visitors and he loves everyone. He still sleeps on my pillow every night and loves affection.

I revisited your website today and wanted to commend you on a teriffic job. I love the music – very nice arrangement of Pacabel’s Canon in D. I had that played at my wedding instead of the traditional wedding march, so it was bittersweet to hear it again.

Thanks again for bringing Midnight Wispurr into my life. You can’t imagine what a joy and a comfort he is.

Hope all is well with you and your mother.

Take care and may God Bless,


Chocolotta Luke: Seal-Chocolate point Male

July 4, 2008- 4 MonthsHi Ryan,

Wanted to let you know that Luke is doing great. He has already grown so much since we brought him home! I attached a few pics that I took of him today.

Chocolotta Sunny: Flame point Male

Here are some pictures of Sunny, I have been promising.  Let me know what you think and if you get them okay.  As you can see he is quite spoiled and loved.  He brings much happiness to our family.  I forgot how playful and wild kittens are…you must have your hands full.  Sunny is full of mischief until he wears himself out then he likes to cuddle.  I will get his 3rd shot when due.  Thanks for the response.  Have a great weekend!
Mary- New York

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